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Government Commercial Leasing Services


The government leases space in diverse locations when leasing is the best solution for meeting federal, state, local, and private space needs. More than 50 percent of the government's leases are for 10,000 square feet or less, so owners do not have to be corporate giants to compete for lease contracts.


The Genesis Group's new Commercial Leasing Division works closely with private property owners and managers who have a desire to compete for lease contracts. Government leases space in a wide range of sizes, locations, and terms to meet the requirements of federal, state, and local agencies.  A Solicitation for Offers (SFO) is submitted by potential landlords.  The Solicitation for Offers is a proposal to lease space indicating the type and amount of space needed and the conditions of the lease. The solicitation also gives detailed information on how to submit a proposal, contact name and address, and the deadline by which it must be received by the contracting office.  Each SFO for a new lease differs in its requirements. 


The amount of space requested may range from a single room to an entire building. Initial alterations to prepare space for occupancy differ according to the needs of the tenant agency.   The program involves a process of submittal and evaluation where potential candidates are selected on factors that can include the quality of the site and facility design as well as the quality of the offeror.

Terms for leases vary from  5 to 10 years although some leases may be shorter or as long as 20 years. 


Our commercial leasing division is headed by Mr. Kevin W. Crystal, Commercial Realtor, both gifted in business and real estate Kevin holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in business and is also a doctoral candidate. In 2015/16 his listing and sales combined were over $30,000,000 with Keller Williams Realty as a Director for KW Commercial. He has also worked with commercial lending institutions REO departments. His current clients include Trustmark National Bank, Peoples National Bank, First City Bank and First Tennessee National Bank. Mr. Crystal has also represented tenants for government leasing projects and private investors.

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